Vidnex allows you to create live classes online, very easily, with several students at the same time. Through our service, you will be able to invite and connect live with your students without any need for downloads or registration on their part. Vidnex will allow you to offer fitness, yoga or Pilates classes in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
Try now the experience of teaching online!

Grow your business on the Internet

Vidnex, is a unique service that will allow you to teach yoga, fitness or Pilates classes online easily. With our service, you will be able to offer new workout possibilities at your studio, center or personal training practice. Your students will have the possibility to connect online to your classes from anywhere: avoid your students missing sessions due to trips or vacations, mix in-person groups with students at home or set up online-only classes.

Try now the experience of teaching online! Through our service you will be able to project a modern and distinct image of your center in a customized environment for your studio.

With Vidnex in hand, you will open new possibilities for working with your students!

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Simplicity, at an unbeatable price

Until today, teaching yoga, Pilates or fitness online was territory for a few experts: software downloads, hardware purchases and configurations, made this software a big investment of money, time and learning. With Vidnex, those difficulties disappear: no programs to download or install, your students will only have to click a website link to access the online classroom. That simple, at an unbeatable price.

With plans starting at 35€ per month, contact us to run a free test as soon as possible and explore the possibilities of teaching online. If you know how to create an event on your calendar, you know how to create a class on Vidnex!

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Accessibility for your students

Vidnex is the only videoconference tool in the market specialized on health and wellness workouts. In Vidnex you will find the simplest and most customizable service, where your students will not have to download any software, nor register their personal data with third parties to access the platform. Our service, easy to access and use, will simplify your interactions with your students.

Your students will receive via email their class details and a link to an Internet page where they will connect quickly and simply with Google Chrome. Once they open the link, they will be in your virtual classroom, that’s it.

Through this simple and easy access for your clients, we assure you that Vidnex will become a basic service for taking your classes online and improving the productivity of your business! Sign up!

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Flexibility for all your needs

Vidnex is a highly adaptable service for all your needs. With subscription plans starting at 35 euros per month, you will enjoy your own cutting edge videoconference service. You will be able to create as many classes as you want, with no limit. Furthermore with Vidnex, you will not have any long-term commitments, as renewals are monthly.

Vidnex offers you the possibility of using as many additional hours as you need, in case you consume all the hours included in your plan. See our plans and choose the one that best suits the needs of your business.

We have designed Vidnex to be as flexible and customizable as possible to suit all the needs your business requires. Try it now.

  • Vidnex is a simple and useful tool that allows me to reach customers beyond my geographical reach.

    LUIS VILELA - Yoga Instructor

  • Vidnex allows my students to practice Pilates from home, saving on trips and time.

    COVADONGA ATIENZA - Pilates Instructor

  • Vidnex allows any person to enjoy a high quality class despite the distance.

    NURIA LAGUNA - Functional Fitness Personal Trainer



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